24 August 2009

Obsession: Legging Jeans

Legging jeans. I was a little skeptical when it came to the supertight-fitting denim trend, but now I'm officially a convert. My friend Kathryn has these Silence and Noise Pull-On Jeans from Urban Outfitters, and they always looked so cute on her.

So, I decided to go down to the mall to try some on for myself. THEY ARE AMAZING. The denim is superstretch, so they basically suck your legs in. It has a higher rise elastic waistband, so you don't have to deal with the pesky muffin top. Like I said, they're amazing. Also, they're the first pair I've jeans I've ever bought that don't stretch out in like 20 minutes. Don't they make my legs look great? (Sorry for the giant picture)

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