31 March 2009

Happy Tuesday!

1. Suddenly Everything Has Changed - The Postal Service
2.  No - Vivian Girls
3.  Sealion - Feist
4.  Long Shadows Left Around - Silje Nes
5.  A Song For Our Fathers - Explosions In the Sky
6.  Down the Line - Jose Gonzalez
7.  Heat Lighting - The One AM Radio
8.  Dust - Gang Gang Dance
9.  Paper Planes (Diplo Remix) - M.I.A.
10.  Blues Run the Game - Nick Drake

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Gweneth Adds Designer to Her Resume

Gweneth Paltrow is designing a capsule collection for French label ZOEtee's.  There will be seven looks in the collection and it's called ZOEtee's Loves Gweneth Paltrow.  WWD calls the collection "a melange of Seventies glamour, rock inspiration, and men's casual suiting.  Here are some sketches that Ms. Paltrow did herself.

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Designer Prices Down

According to WWD, several designers are responding to our crappy economy by lowering prices! Yay!  The drop in prices won't be THAT low, an Oscar de la Renta blouse that normally costs $900 will now cost $795.  Chloe marked its pre-fall collection down 35% from last years prices.  J. Mendel's cocktail dresses used to start at $3,500, but will now start at $1,700.  Catherine Malandrino also made some cotton pieces that are priced between $195 and $345.  While I still don't want to fork up over $200 for a cotton dress, it makes me wonder . . . What effect will these lower prices have on the new, absolutely wonderful, end-of-season super sales we've been seeing lately? 

Also, there is a handful of designers who won't budge on the price matter, like Chanel, Prada, and Versace.  I suppose the only thing to do is wait and see what lowering, or not lowering, prices will do for these designers, consumer confidence, the improvement of the economy. 

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30 March 2009

27 March 2009

Dressed to Party on NYLON TV!

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Dani Gets Her Pain On on Nylon TV!

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Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Westheimer Block Party.  For those of you who don't know what this is, it's the best thing ever. Westheimer Block Party is a local music and art festival that goes down on 1 square block in Montrose (a neighborhood in Houston), and its totally awesome.  The festivities start around noon, so be there!  Here's the show schedule.

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Maybe You Could Meet Pheobe Philo?

Celine wants interns! Yes!  They need some girls in the wholesale department for a week , a very important week (market week)!  Interns need to be available June 11-18, including the weekend, and in NYC.
Role Functions
  • Checking in sample collection, and re-packing it at the end of market
  • Merchandising both the RTW and handbag collections in the showroom
  • Prepping line sheets and pricing the collection
  • Assisting sales team with "mini-shows," selecting looks and dressing models, and organizing the showroom
  • Light admin as needed
Corporate Exposure
  • Working with President, Account Executive, Logistics Coordinator
  • Exposure to Global SVP of Sales and Logistics, Global Product Manager of handbags & accessories
If you want to get into wholesale and love classic French design send a cover letter and resume to a.morrison@us.celine.com

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26 March 2009

Designer Sale Heaven

Net-A-Porter is launching a new site, theOutnet.com.  It's basically a giant designer outlet, stocked with the best pieces from past seasons.  The discounts are normally between 40% and 60%, but they sometimes go up to 80%. 
The site launches sometime in April, and you need to join the mailing list to be able to scoop up all the cool stuff asap.  So do it!

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Hayden-Harnett Update

Click here for the Hayden-Harnett sale.  Thank you so much, anonymous commenter!

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And the Hayden-Harnett Goes To . . .

A.  Hayden-Harnett is having a sale on their website tonight.  
B.  It's auction style, so be prepared for some high energy / anxiety bidding, and have your wallet out.
C.  The goods are unique FALL 09 - aka pieces that won't be produced with the rest of the collection.

The sale starts sometime tonight, but the time is still unknown.

Check back later for updates.

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Make It Work!

Tim Gunn is coming to a town near you . . .maybe?  He's doing a nationwide tour, visiting Kate Spade stores, giving fashion advice, and taking pictures with fans!  You should seriously stop by you local Kate Spade if he's coming to your town.  He's so delightful!

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25 March 2009

The Leggings Debate Rages On.

While piddling around the internet today, I noticed that the blogs are paying alot of attention to leggings as pants today.  Fashionista posted an entry about Rock & Republic's faux denim leggings. 
Nylon's blog posted about Les Chiffoniers 100% suede leggings, costing $1005.  Yikes.
  Expensive brands aren't the only one's hopping on the leggings-as-pants bandwagon.  American Apparel, whom I blame for the whole leggings-as-pants phenomena, also carries faux-denim leggings.
Am I the only one who HATES this trend?  I surely hope not.

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Chairlift on Nylon TV!

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Fashion Snoop Wants Trendy Girls

Fashion Snoop, the website all about trends, is looking for interns.  

  • Must be available 2-5 days per week
  • Must have personal laptop with wireless available to bring to the office
  • Proficient with computers
  • Good communication skills
  • Organizational skills

The internship is unpaid, but I think it would be really fun to sit in an office and think about fashion trends all day.  If this also sounds fun to you, PASTE a resume to jaye@fashionsnoops.com

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FIT Summer Live

Are you a high school student who can't get an internship, but still want experience in the fashion industry?  I have found you a solution!  Try FIT Summer Live!  It's a month-long program at the Fashion Institution of Technology in NYC for high school students that offers classes in Advertising and Marketing, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Styling, and more.  Click here for more info.

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Nylon Internship

Faran at Nylon Magazine's website needs an intern IMMEDIATELY. 
Send a cover letter and resume to faran@nylonmag.com

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24 March 2009

Yigal Azrouel Internship

Yigal Azrouel is looking for an intern to start immediately in NYC!  There aren't many requirements, other than knowledge of Microsoft Works, Excel, and Outlook.

Tasks include:
  • Sales intern responsibilities
  • Assisting sales manager and sales team
  • Keeping showroom organized and presentable at all times
  • Merchandising the collections during market season
  • Participating in weekly store visits
  • Assisting with other office tasks
So if sales and merchandising really get your motor running, and you don't mind getting paid for it, then send a cover letter and resume to Kelly at kschmidt@yigal-azrouel.com

Good luck!

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New Interns for Nouveau PR

The NYC based PR firm, Nouveau PR, is looking for interns!  
  • Hard working
  • Organized
  • Eye for detail
  • Ability to follow through on various projects
  • Strong interest in the fashion and/or PR industry
  • Helping the PR manager with sample trafficking
  • Fashion show organization
  • Updating contact database
  • Contacting publications
  • Location scouting
  • Event organization
  • Errand running
Candidates must be available for at least 3 days a week; 5 would be preferred.  Also, experience and foreign language skills are a plus.
Sound like your cup of tea?  Sends a resume and cover letter to info@nouveau-pr.com

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Loeffler Randall Fall 09

So about a month ago I posted picture's of Loeffler Randall's Fall 09 line, courtesy of Nylon.  It was amazing, yes? Yes!  Well here's more!  And this time there are SHOES! AMAZING SHOES!  I really need those purple heels.

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23 March 2009

Happy Monday!

1.  Call It A Ritual - Wolf Parade
2.  Alice Practice - Crystal Castles
3.  Fireworks - Dntel
4.  Three Little Babies - Joanna Newsom
5.  Mostly Waving - Emily Haines
6.  Thanx to Noah - Danielson
7.  Geto Boys - Glass Candy
8.  Park Song - The Dodos
9.  Pictures of You - The Cure
10.  No Trophy - The Bees

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Lauren Conrad Collection Fails, 14 Year Olds Everywhere Devastated

Apparently Lauren Conrad's eponymous line is no more.  According to the New York Post, the line failed because of "the economic climate."  I don't really know if I buy that.  I think we all saw it coming after Kitson stopped carrying her line when she wouldn't show up for enough in store appearence.  One celebrity clothing line down, 80 billion to go.

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20 March 2009

Shoes I Need For Spring

Dr. Martin's 1460 Boot, $120
Opening Ceremony W4 Gladiator Oxford, $390

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Something's Fishy . . .

Chuck Bass for K. Swiss?  

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Marilyn Needs Model Lovers

Love models?  Want to spend every day of your summer thinking about, talking about, and looking at them?  Then this is for you!  Marilyn Agency, who represents the likes of Caroline (at left), Eniko, and Arlenis, needs interns! They're looking for girls who are "crazy about fashion" and who "spend incredible amounts of time with your head buried in issues of Italian Vogue, Love, Purple, and V."  Also, they would appreciate it if you spoke several languages, have advanced design experience, and skill in shooting and editing video.
Sound like you?  Send a "sharp resume, exciting bio, and cutting edge examples of you best work" to justin@marilyn-ny.com

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Dior Internship

Fashion powerhouse,  Christian Dior, needs interns in the logistics department! 
Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Create and maintain files for arriving shipments, as well as shipment follow up, notifying external Sales dept., retail merchants, Retail Merchangts, and 3rd party logistics teams of arriving import shipments
  • Manage aspects of allocation and ensure most efficient performance through a 3rd party logistics provider
  • Perform entry auditing on import documents, relating to tariff classification and duty rates, record import entries & liquidation notices
  • Work on special projects as needed
Skills and Competencies
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently at times
  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and follow-through
  • Ability to learn quickly and retrain processes
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office programs
  • Ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner
  • Knowledge of basic import procedures, tariff classification, and logistics terminology
The internship is in NYC, and runs from the 1st week of June to the middle of August.  Sadly, its unpaid; but in this economic climate, I wouldn't hold out for a paid one.  Interns are expected to work Mon-Thurs from 10-6pm
So if imports and tariffs sound like your bag, send a resume and cover letter to hrintern@us.christiandior.com
Good luck!

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Loomstate for Target: Yawn.

I'm not even going to bother marking my calendar.

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Modelinia Wants You!

The totally addictive site, modelinia.com, is looking for interns!  The site is all about models, and they're looking for someone who loves models as much as they do!  They need people in the photo dept. and in the editorial dept.
Duties include:  providing assistance to Photo Editors, researching information and photos of models, photographer and syndication agency research, photographing behind the scenes agencies on behalf of Modelinia
Duties: providing assistance to Editors and Office Administrator when needed; researching information on models, fashion, beauty and charities; basic office clerical work; assisting our Photo Editor and Researcher with photo research; contacting PR/fashion/beauty companies on behalf of Modelinia
The requirements for both positions are the same: a basic working knowledge of the running of an editorial website; a prior knowledge of Internet operations, Blogging, Photoshop, CMS, and photo research a plus; previous experience in a fashion/beauty capacity a plus; should be articulate and very well organized; proficient knowledge of photoshop; positive, reliable, and has a "can do" attitude; passion for all things model related; college credit can be provided for applicants who are current students.
Good luck!

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Oh, and by the Way . . .

I got an internship at the PR dept. at French Connection!!!!!!!!!!!  
You know, that one I've been stressing out over what to wear for like weeks.  Welllllllllll . . .  I got it! Yay!  I'm so so so so so excited to learn so much more about the fashion industry and how PR works and everything.  Its such a great opportunity and I'm so exiteddddddd!  Hey, maybe I'll meet Anderson Cooper while I'm there?  So I'll be living in Manhattan this summer with my fabulous best friend, Kathryn.  So watch out, because we're going to take the city by storm!  And by take it by storm I mean be really hard working interns, because thats just us.  Anywho, if you live in New York you should hit us up!  And if you don't, you should also get an internship there, and we can all be internship buddies! Yay!

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Pour La Victoire Sampe Sales

Ideeli is having an awesome sample sale on Pour La Victoire shoes right now!  I'm especially loving these snakeskin heels and gladiators.  So great.  Sadly, the heels are sold out in my size . . . So go now if you want them!

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19 March 2009

We're In Love

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FACT:  This bracelet is YSL Spring 09
FACT:  It originally sold for $285
FACT: It is now on sale for $113.90 on Saks.com
I really love this bracelet, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.  Basically I'm afraid that I only like it because its YSL for pretty cheap.  But, its so pretty and antique-y.  I don't know!  Decide for me!  Should I get this bracelet?

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Celine Fall 09

Nylon's website released a first look of Celine's Fall 09 collection today. (Yay!)  I have to say, its so, so great.  It's very Fay Dunaway, don't you think?  I love it!  
Anywho, I have one question.  Is this Pheobe Philo's first collection for Celine?  I was very sad when she left Chloe, and was equally ecstatic when Celine announced she was to be the creative director of the French house. But, Celine didn't really say if Phoebe designed this collection.  All they said was that it was designed by "their designers."  Does Philo wish to remain anonymous? Is this even her work?  If not, who designed this fabulous collection?  I NEED TO KNOW!  Let me know if you have any answers!

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Thoughts on Opening Ceremony / Betsy Johnson Archive

The other day, I went to Open Ceremony's New York store and was slightly disappointed.  While pretty much every item in there is adorable, magical, amazing, and looks like its made specially for me, I found that it was terribly overpriced.  The clothes are nicely made and the quality of the fabric is good and all, but still; the Opening Ceremony clothes was more expensive than the Alexander Wang.  Plus, the staff was a little pretentious, which is never nice  Am I wrong in being bothered by this?  Le sigh . . . 
Anywho, I just read on Nylon's website that the wonderful / too expensive store will be selling
 a sort of Betsy Johnson capsule collection, called Betsy Johnson Archive.  The collection features Betsy's old designs, recreated by the founders of Opening Ceremony, and is available in August.  Exciting, no?  Hopefully I'll still be in New York when it debuts, because even if the
 clothes will probably be too expensive, I'd at least like to go there and check them out.  

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Balenciaga Giveaway

Ideeli is giving away this cool Balenciaga bracelet.  Go win it!

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16 March 2009

Win an Ideeli Shopping Spree!

Click here to enter!

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