26 November 2009

Deb Ball!

Last night my family and I attended my friend Kathryn's Debutante Ball. The ball was at the Houston Country Club and there were about twenty girls who were in it. All the debutante's wore wedding dresses. I felt that some were a bit cheesy, but Kathryn's was so beautiful. The dress code was black tie, so I got to wear a gown, yay! I wore a navy BCBG gown and a French Connection necklace. I feel like the dress really accentuated my curvy figure, which I liked. I felt so pretty and glamourous! I haven't worn a long gown since high school, and it was nice to dress up again. I'm not quite sure who made my sister's dress. Here are some pictures.

My sister and I in our house

With my dad.

My family at the ball

Kathryn being presented by her father. Isn't she pretty?

Me with my friend Margaret. You can sort of get a better look at the necklace.

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15 November 2009


It's official. I have an obsession with jackets and coats. I feel like that's all I buy these days. Well, that and shoes. I bought this beauty at Zara on Friday.

It's faux-fur and it's the softest thing I've ever felt. Also, it's got that swingy, 1960s mod thing going on, which I really love. Thoughts?

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11 November 2009

Dear Readers,

Hi! I love you very much. Here's the deal, I need some advice. My beginning to think my blog is a bit on the boring side and I want to know what YOU think would make it better! Should I do more street style? Outfit posts? Random things that inspire me? Let me know!

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Ra Ra! Ohh La La!

Um, did anyone else notice the Alexander McQueen looks in Lady Gaga's epic "Bad Romance" video? Of course Lady Gaga would be the first to wear it.

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02 November 2009

Bad. Ass. Stuff

YES. YES. YES. So if you don't know, there are some AMAZING sample sales on Gilt today. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some great stuff.

Exhibit A: Alexander Wang

I feel like this top is perfect for me. It's comfy and the heather grey would go with pretty much everything. Also, I live in high waisted skirts, for which this top would be perfect. The best part? The back. The draped, exposed back takes this top to a whole other level. The question is, would i wear a bra with this? I suppose I could get that sticky backless kind, or maybe wear something lacy that would show? I don't know yet. Any suggestions?

Exhibit B: Moschino Cheap and Chic

This dress is the most ridiculous deal. Originally $635, I got it for $128. I'm thinking it could be a great dress for my friends debutante ball later this month. It's classy and conservative, which is good for the whole country club crowd. Also, it looks like something Joan, from Mad Men, would wear (Did I mention I'm obsessed with Mad Men? I definitely see myself as more of a Joan than a Betty). I'm thinking could wear a really chunky, sparkley necklace with it. The shoes? I'm not sure if I should go with demure or something crazy. I'll let you know when I decide.

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