26 November 2009

Deb Ball!

Last night my family and I attended my friend Kathryn's Debutante Ball. The ball was at the Houston Country Club and there were about twenty girls who were in it. All the debutante's wore wedding dresses. I felt that some were a bit cheesy, but Kathryn's was so beautiful. The dress code was black tie, so I got to wear a gown, yay! I wore a navy BCBG gown and a French Connection necklace. I feel like the dress really accentuated my curvy figure, which I liked. I felt so pretty and glamourous! I haven't worn a long gown since high school, and it was nice to dress up again. I'm not quite sure who made my sister's dress. Here are some pictures.

My sister and I in our house

With my dad.

My family at the ball

Kathryn being presented by her father. Isn't she pretty?

Me with my friend Margaret. You can sort of get a better look at the necklace.

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