31 January 2009

The Dress.

So today I was helping my friend Kathryn find a dress for a sorority formal she has coming up.  I spotted this Alexander Wang dress.  

Perfect, no?  Kathryn didn't think it was right for the event, but I beg to differ.  If I had this dress, I'd pretty much wear it anywhere and everywhere.  All the time.

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Chloe Giveaway.

Ideeli is giving away this Chloe panel tote.  Cute, no?  I see it being a great bag for my schoolbooks, or just to carry all the junk in my purse.  Enter now!

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30 January 2009

Today's Sales.

Today Gilt Groupe is having a great sale on Charlotte Ronson.  I'm loving this dress with the boots, although I don't really have the body for it.  Le sigh . . .

Ideeli is having a sale on Gucci.  So if you love the traditional G print, hurry on over, because pretty much everything is sold out except for the wallets.  Sorry for slacking on the heads up!
But hey, everyone needs a wallet right?  Although, they're not exactly YSL . . .

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29 January 2009

Matt and Kim on NYLON TV!

Matt and Kim are adorable even when they do laundry. (Sorry guys!)

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Givenchy Couture Spring 09

Riccardo Tisci's newest couture collection for Givenchy is quite the departure from his past few ready-to-wear collections for the famous fashion house.  Unlike the goth-chic pieces in his spring ready-to-wear, the couture collection sported ethereal, almost girly pieces with a little structure here and relaxed silhouettes there. Liked the collection, but I'm a much bigger fan of the goth ready-to-wear collection.  I don't know.  But I DO know that I LOVE the runway.  Jackson Pollack, anyone? 

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Dior Couture Spring 09

Monday's Dior show was reminiscent of Revolutionary and Napoleonic France.  The collection was over-the-top and structured, but each dress has undeniable movement.  Its sort of obvious John Galliano got his inspiration from Marie Antoinette.  If you can't see it in the dresses, look at the hair and makeup.  Like Chanel, many pieces in the collection were white, but with pops blue, instead of Chanel's black.  The white dress with the blue flowers on the bodice is my perfect princess dress.  Here are my favorite looks!

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Chanel Couture Spring 09

So I've been kind of slacking on my coverage of the Spring 09 couture shows going on in Paris this week, so I hope to make up for it today.  First up, Chanel!  The show was on Tuesday, and Karl showed a classic Chanel collection.  Most of the pieces were white with black accents, which I love.  Black and white will be a big trend for spring, you know.  There were alot of skirt suits in boxy early 1960s style. Maybe Karl is a Mad Men fan?  Despite the overall structure of the collection, the pieces were soft, with sheer, lacey floral embellishments on almost every piece.  Oh, and I love the shoes. Tres classique, non?  I'm also really loving the headpieces.  Absolutely beautiful!  Here are all of my favorite looks.
Thanks, style.com!

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Sale Sale Sale

Right now, Ideeli is having a sale on marc by marc jacobs watches.  I especially love this one  with the bow.  Adorable, no? And it's only $65! Incredable! It's too bad I really dislike wearing watches . . .  Maybe I can think of it as a bracelet that tells me the time?  

After you've gotten your fill of adorably marc by marc watches, head on over to Gilt Groupe
to purchase some Botkier (I especially love the shoe below) and Vera Wang!

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27 January 2009

Gareth Pugh's First Men's Collection

Gareth Pugh's first men's collection for F/W 09 debuted yesterday at Men's Fashion week.  I have to say that I LOVED it. Love love love.  I think that Gareth's inspiration by Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, anyone?).  The collection makes me wish I were a boy so I could look this fab.  Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to wear some of his pieces? Doubt it.  Anywho,  here are a few of my favorite looks!

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26 January 2009

Thursday! Thursday!

On Thursday,  the awesome British band, Los Campesinos!, is playing at Walters.  It should be a really fun show, so go!  Plus, I'll be thereeeeeeee.
Haven't heard them?  Check them out!

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Happy Ears.

Need some good music to get you through Monday?  That's why I'm here, silly!
1.  Effigy - Andrew Bird
2.  Build That Boat - Tara Toms
3.  No One - Trespassers William
4.  Mountains - The Spinto Band
5.  The Gymnast, High Above the Ground - The Decemberists
6. The Way to There - Au Revoir Simone
7.  Lovin' Spree - Eartha Kitt
8.  Place to Be - Nick Drake
9.  Come See About Me - The Supremes
10.  A Winter's Sky - The Pipettes

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25 January 2009

I Love YSL

Exhibit A:
The Y-Mail Wallet.  When I first saw this baby a few months ago I fell in love.  Like seriously, I AM IN LOVE.  Plus, it's totally a classic.  Look at it!  It isn't too trendy, or a weird color or anything. Perfect and classic. The only problem is that the zippy one (I couldn't find a picture of it) is $475.  Comparatively, that's really cheap for anything YSL.  Like, really cheap.  But it's an insane amount of money for most people to spend on a wallet, and that includes me.  I mean, if I saved up for a month or so, I'd be able to afford it.  But do I really want to spend almost $500 on a wallet?  I still don't know.  
Exhibit B:
                                                                        The Heart Ankle Strap Sandal.  Need I say more?  It's so cute and girly!  Exactly my style, yes? Yes!  This one comes with the same problem.  I don't consider $195 too expensive, I'll only need less than a paycheck to afford them.  But, they're rubber.  Do I want to pay almost two hundred dollars for a glorified jelly sandal (make that an amazing jelly sandal)?  I don't know.
I need help! Aaah!

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23 January 2009

Telepathe on NYLON TV!

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Tonight Tonight!

Come out to Walters tonight and see The Wild Mocassins!  They're pretty awesome, and you get a free album, pizza, and a cupcake when you get there!  Seriously,  there's nothing that can beat a free cupcake.  If you see me, say hi!
Haven't heard them?  Check out their myspace!  They're pretty adorable, no?

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Kanye West for Louis Vuitton

For those of you who don't know, Kanye West designed shoes for Louis Vuitton's mens F/W '09 collection.  They debuted yesterday at Men's Fashion week, and I have to say I'm conflicted.  I love Kanye, so I want to love these shoes, but somehow I can't.  Maybe it's because I'm not a dude.  That must be it.  Opinions?

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21 January 2009

YSL Giveaway

Ideeli.com is giving away this YSL bag right now! Now go win it! Actually, don't, because I would like it very much.

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Alexander Wang Tells You How to Wear Alexander Wang.

I think its common knowledge that I'm pretty obsessed with Alexander Wang.  So this morning when I discovered a lovely email from Saks.com containing a video of Wang, I pretty much jumped for joy.  The video is pretty much Alexander telling you how to wear his spring collection, along with shots of his runway show.  He's pretty much the most adorable person in the world.  Check it out!

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20 January 2009


Nylon posted a first look of McQ for Target today!  Finally, my dreams of owning an Alexander McQueen design will come true!   Click here to see the entire collection.  I have to be honest, alot of the pieces aren't really my style, but here are a few of my favorite looks:

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