25 January 2009

I Love YSL

Exhibit A:
The Y-Mail Wallet.  When I first saw this baby a few months ago I fell in love.  Like seriously, I AM IN LOVE.  Plus, it's totally a classic.  Look at it!  It isn't too trendy, or a weird color or anything. Perfect and classic. The only problem is that the zippy one (I couldn't find a picture of it) is $475.  Comparatively, that's really cheap for anything YSL.  Like, really cheap.  But it's an insane amount of money for most people to spend on a wallet, and that includes me.  I mean, if I saved up for a month or so, I'd be able to afford it.  But do I really want to spend almost $500 on a wallet?  I still don't know.  
Exhibit B:
                                                                        The Heart Ankle Strap Sandal.  Need I say more?  It's so cute and girly!  Exactly my style, yes? Yes!  This one comes with the same problem.  I don't consider $195 too expensive, I'll only need less than a paycheck to afford them.  But, they're rubber.  Do I want to pay almost two hundred dollars for a glorified jelly sandal (make that an amazing jelly sandal)?  I don't know.
I need help! Aaah!

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