22 May 2009

The Gap Collaborates

Remember when I posted about Alexander Wang and Vena Cava doing khaki pieces for Gap? Well those pieces debut in a few short weeks, so I thought I'd give you a sneak peak, courtesy of Nitro:licious.

The Alexander Wang motorcycle jacket is the perfect spring jacket: it's a neutral, and casual with some edge.

I'm also really obsessed with these Vena Cava dresses, especially the one with the zipper. Although, I think the other dress would probably be more flattering on myself.

The ad champagne is so cute. Coco Rocha is one of my favorites and I'm always super happy to see her in anything. Yay!

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Phew! Being an intern is crazy work. I mean, I already knew it would be, but still. I get up, go to work, come home, eat, go to bed. Granted, we had a sample sale this week so everything was extra crazy and exhausting. BUT I did swipe a bag that is currently $300 in stores for $20, so that's great news. I have been able to do some of my actual PR duties, and I'm really enjoying it. Mainly I've been getting items from the Fall collection in and out of the closet for magazines to shoot in upcoming issues. If you've never shopped French Connection, you should totally start doing so in the fall. The A/W collection is awesome. Hopefully once things sort of slow down around the office I'll be better about updating this baby. I hope you missed me!

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17 May 2009


I have a new haircut! It's sort of the same, except way more styled and shaped. It's really short in the back and long in the front, and it has exactly the round shape that i wanted. Yay!

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16 May 2009

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not updating my blog lately, but I've been super busy. The past few weeks have been crazy, with finals and getting ready to move. Yikes. As many of you may know, I'm living in New York for the summer. I'm moving today! Yay! I start my internship at French Connection on Monday. Wish me luck! And don't worry, once I get settled in the updating should become regular again. Love!

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12 May 2009

Love Me Some Stella

Stella McCartney for Net-a-Porter. So adorable.

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11 May 2009

Herve Leger Sample Sale


Gilt Groupe is having a Herve Leger sample sale RIGHT NOW. So if you're a fan of the body hugging dresses, like every celebrity out there, I suggest you purchase one now. They're pretty much half price.

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09 May 2009

Some Chloe for You.

Remember the Chloe sunglasses I purchased?

Well, my sister also bought a pair and they didn't work out. SO she's selling them on Ebay! If you want some seriously discounted Chloe shades, I'd take a look.

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Bling for Your Nails

Best nail color ever.

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06 May 2009

I'm on the Nylon Blogs Tag It! Check it out!

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Baha, the look on my face is priceless.

shirt: Urban Outfitters
skirt: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs
necklace: Chanel

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Adventures in Shopping

I just got this adorable skirt from the Gilt Groupe Marc by Marc sale! I snagged it for $74, and it was originally $228. I love a good steal . . . If you don't already know, I'm all about the high waisted skirt.


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Marc by Marc Jacobs Sample Sale,

Remember this dress?
It's on sale now at Gilt Groupe. Go now to buy other great Marc by Marc items! Yay!

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Matthew Williamson for H&M Commercial.

Hahaha oh my goodness this commercial is so insane and glorious.

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New Chanel No. 5 Commerical

Yay Audrey Tautou!

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Anna Sui for Target!

Anna Sui is doing a line for Target! Aahhh! The Cut reports that the line will be inspired by the four women of Gossip Girl: Blair, Serena, Jenny, and Vanessa. The line hits selected Targets on September 13, so go ahead and mark your calendars! Yay!

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05 May 2009

Marc Jacobs Accessories Sample Sale

Gilt Groupe is having a Marc Jacobs accessories sample sale RIGHT NOW. If you want to pick up a bag or five for like 50% off, I suggest you do it now. These babies shouldn't be there for long.


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My Favorites from the Met Ball

Ashely Olsen in The Row
Jessica Stam in Rodarte
Coco Rocha in Isaac Mizrahi
Natalia Vodianova in Fortuny
Lou Doillon in Nina Ricci
Lauren Hutton in Michael Kors (Ok I don't love the dress that much, but I just adore Lauren)
Last but not least, Kate Moss in Marc Jacobs

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04 May 2009

Reflections on Lookbook.

Look Book. I've been a member of LookBook for about 6 months now and I have an insane love/hate relationship with it. I love Look Book for many reasons. It's so fun to see what kids around the world wear, and how they express themselves through fashion. I love that feeling I get when people like my look. And, it's a great place to get style inspiration.

I also hate Look Book for many reasons. Most of the looks the people on Look Book that have superhigh Karma and averages have really cool pictures, not necessarily amazing looks. Its almost like these people have photographer boyfriends or something. I don't have that and I feel like people may not like my looks because my pictures aren't cool enough, not because my style sucks. Also, all the looks are pretty much the same. EVERYONE dresses like Erin Wasson or Rumi Neely. Don't get me wrong, I think those girls have great style, but it just seems like being trendy is more important than having a unique style on Look Book. Lastly, everyone is really skinny. Although there's absolutely nothing wrong with being thin, there are so many stylish girls out there who are bigger than a size 2. I don't think those girls get much attention on sites like Look Book.

Basically Look Book makes me feel a little insecure sometimes. Does it have that effect on you, or am I the only one?

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Current Obsession: Swimwear

Summer is just around the corner (in Texas, anyways); and, with finals over in 2 days, my mind wanders to thoughts of the pool and the beach. I've always been really picky about my swimsuits. Over the years, I've sort of learned that old fashioned cuts look best on my body. Here is some swimwear I've been obsessing over.

Chloe, $380, Net-a-Porter

Princess Tam Tam, $92, saks.com

Also, I have my favorite swimsuit ever. I got it at a vintage shop a few years ago and I'm still so in love with it.

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Taylor Momsen's Demo?

Taylor Momsen has a band called The Pretty Reckless. I first heard about it when several bloggers reported she would make the costumes for their upcoming tour, which is the most awesome way to have a celebrity line. Anywho, the New York Post suspects that this could be the band's demo. Taylor's voice is pretty good; but, I don't know how I feel about the song. I get that she's trying to do the whole Karen O. thing with the yelps and shouting and stuff, but I don't think that really works for a girl who's only 15. I don't know. Am I alone in this?

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Happy Monday!

1. Owl - Crystal Antlers

2. Majesty Snowbird - Sufjan Stevens
3. American Legion - The Welcome Wagon
4. Seashine - Air Formation
5. Powerman - The Kinks
6. Get Up - Sleater-Kinney
7. Bear Face - Abe Vigoda
8. Saved - Devendra Banhart
9. For Love - Lush
10. Let Me Go Home - Camera Obscura

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The Jacket Is Revealed!

Remember when I told you about a very special jacket that Alexander Wang designed for Gap? Racked has posted pictures of TWO Alex Wang jackets! Ah! I still really love that khaki motercycle jacket. Racked also reports that Gap will be carry some Vena Cava pieces; that dress with the zipper has to be one of them, don't you think? God, I CAN'T WAIT until June. Seriously.

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02 May 2009


Remember that dress that I bought the other day? I wore it today! It's really floaty and comfy. Perfect for spring weather! Sorry my room is messy. Its about time for spring cleaning.

dress: F21
necklace: F21
shoes: thrifted

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01 May 2009

Current Obsession: Statement Necklaces

Marni, $865, Net-a-Porter Burberry Prorsum, $695, Net-a-Porter

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Lily Allen for Chanel

According to Elle UK, Lily Allen will be the new face of Chanel accessories! Yay! I love Lily, and apparently Karl does too. She'll be starring in the F/W 09 campaign. It's so nice to see a girl who is shorter than 5'9 and who weights more than 100lbs in a major fashion campaign.

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TheOutNet.com is doing this insane sale on this Chloe bag. It's like, people are buying it for prices lower than its normal retail price, and you can wait until the price is REALLY low to buy it. It's sort of confusing, but it's a Chloe bag on the cheap. Head on over!

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Mind the Gap

You know how Gap does those "Design Edition" collaberations with CFDA/Vogue fashion fund nominees? It's happening again! Sort of. Gap VP, Patrick Robinson, just spilled the beans to Teen Vogue that Alexander Wang will be designing a khaki motercycle jacket for the project, and it retails under $100! The jacket hits stores June 16 and I'm totally putting that in my caledar. It's too bad I'll be living in New York instead of Houston when the jacket arrives, because I'm sure the lines will be much shorter/nonexistant. Oh well. Anyone want to stand in line with me?

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