20 March 2009

Oh, and by the Way . . .

I got an internship at the PR dept. at French Connection!!!!!!!!!!!  
You know, that one I've been stressing out over what to wear for like weeks.  Welllllllllll . . .  I got it! Yay!  I'm so so so so so excited to learn so much more about the fashion industry and how PR works and everything.  Its such a great opportunity and I'm so exiteddddddd!  Hey, maybe I'll meet Anderson Cooper while I'm there?  So I'll be living in Manhattan this summer with my fabulous best friend, Kathryn.  So watch out, because we're going to take the city by storm!  And by take it by storm I mean be really hard working interns, because thats just us.  Anywho, if you live in New York you should hit us up!  And if you don't, you should also get an internship there, and we can all be internship buddies! Yay!

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  1. who did you contact?! i've been e-mailing companies left and right trying to get one, i'm still waiting to hear back from a few. regardless i'll also be living in nyc this summer with my best friend! if you could send me contact information i'll definitely apply there too, i looooove french connection