19 March 2009

Thoughts on Opening Ceremony / Betsy Johnson Archive

The other day, I went to Open Ceremony's New York store and was slightly disappointed.  While pretty much every item in there is adorable, magical, amazing, and looks like its made specially for me, I found that it was terribly overpriced.  The clothes are nicely made and the quality of the fabric is good and all, but still; the Opening Ceremony clothes was more expensive than the Alexander Wang.  Plus, the staff was a little pretentious, which is never nice  Am I wrong in being bothered by this?  Le sigh . . . 
Anywho, I just read on Nylon's website that the wonderful / too expensive store will be selling
 a sort of Betsy Johnson capsule collection, called Betsy Johnson Archive.  The collection features Betsy's old designs, recreated by the founders of Opening Ceremony, and is available in August.  Exciting, no?  Hopefully I'll still be in New York when it debuts, because even if the
 clothes will probably be too expensive, I'd at least like to go there and check them out.  

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