19 March 2009

Celine Fall 09

Nylon's website released a first look of Celine's Fall 09 collection today. (Yay!)  I have to say, its so, so great.  It's very Fay Dunaway, don't you think?  I love it!  
Anywho, I have one question.  Is this Pheobe Philo's first collection for Celine?  I was very sad when she left Chloe, and was equally ecstatic when Celine announced she was to be the creative director of the French house. But, Celine didn't really say if Phoebe designed this collection.  All they said was that it was designed by "their designers."  Does Philo wish to remain anonymous? Is this even her work?  If not, who designed this fabulous collection?  I NEED TO KNOW!  Let me know if you have any answers!

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