19 April 2009


I try really hard to keep this blog about fashion, and not about myself or my personal style.  BUT I'm thinking about growing my hair out, and I'm still not sure.  Your opinions would be much appreciated!

Here's my hair now:

Its not as curly as it was before I started coloring it, so I've already decided to stop doing that.  But should I grow it out, or keep it short?

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  1. Your hair is gorgeous! I would say try growing it out, you can always cut it if it isn't working for you :)

  2. I really like your hair the length it is. Mine's really curly and it gets too crazy if it's that short.
    However, like Cari said above, you can always cut it if you start to grow it out and don't like it.
    I say go for it though, because you should always try new things with your hair, just to see how it looks.