01 April 2009


I read NY Mag's "The Cut" pretty much every day, and I really enjoy reading it.  I have only one problem with it.  The blog likes to document EVERY SINGLE THING that Michelle Obama wears.  Every. Thing.  Like yesteryday, for example, the blog cited that she boarded a plane to London wearing Thakoon.  How fascinating! After landing in London, she exited the plane in a Jason Wu dress and Michael Kors coat.  How stylish!  Today, "The Cut" is reporting that, oh look!, she's wearing a skirt and cardigan from J. Crew.  Then they marvel about her fashion savvy for wearing sparkles during the day.  Come on, "The Cut," 3 posts on Michelle Obama's sartorial choices in 24 hours? 

Don't get me wrong, I really like Michelle Obama, and the whole Obama clan.  I voted for Barack back in November.  I like that she mixes normal brands with young, cool designers.  But do I really have to read about every wardrobe change she makes every day?  There have to be more exciting or important things going on in the world than Michelle Obama's wardrobe.  Am I alone in this?

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