09 April 2009

Say It Ain't So!

No no no no no NO NO NO NO!  
Leighton Meester can sing.  Awesome.   Leighton Meester thinks the rest of us want to hear her sing.  NOT AWESOME.  Perez Hilton leaked Leighton's single today, and its bad.  Oh, is it bad.

This makes me so sad!  Honey, I love you as Blair; and, I think you have a really great, classy sense of style compared to your Gossip Girl costars.  But where were you when Lindsay, Hillary, Heidi, and Paris thought they could be popstars, too?  Hmm?  

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  1. I'm a Perez reader too. Guilty pleasure.

    He said he didn't mind the song but i had a listen and it's not my taste whatsoever xx

  2. oh no i love her too but dont sing - stick to style as you are good at it! great blog btw!! x