30 September 2009

Wild Things.

I'm so excited for Where The Wild Things Are. Apparently so is the fashion world. Both Opening Ceremony and Urban Outfitters have collections inspired by the film. Naturally, Opening Ceremony's is cooler, but less wearable and way WAY more expensive. Maybe that's because Spike Jonze was a collaborator on the collection. UO's pieces are still cute though. Let's take a look!

Urban Outfitters

I sort of need this white shirt.

Opening Ceremony

I also need this skirt. Gift it to me, please?

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  1. your blog is horrible. most of those woman are half starved and most of the clothes are un- wearable. so superficial.

  2. i'm not trying to promote unhealthy body image. i'm actually a size 8, and i think it's important to love your body for what it is. the debate on model's size has been going on forever, and nothing has changed. models will always be skinny. period. it's a sad, but inevitable, truth. also, fashion isn't always about wearability or accessibility. it's about art, about creating beautiful, unique pieces of art that people live their lives in. my blog isn't about skinny girls or materialistic gain. it's about my love for fashion as an art. you can't see that, don't read my blog.

  3. perhaps I , in a moment of passion, misjudged you. you bring forth some interesting points. I was to harsh.

  4. Thanks? I think you were too harsh. Why do you read my blog if it repulses you so much? There's no reason to criticize someone for liking something that you don't. I put alot of time and effort into this blog and I'm really proud of it; reading your post really hurt my feelings. Maybe you should stop and think about how your words effect people before you judge so harshly.