05 October 2009

bad. ass. coat.

So I found this coat the other day at this vintage store in the Heights, Retropolis. (If you haven't been there, I suggest you go right now. It's a vintage treasure trove, you have no idea). The coat is from the 1940s and is in EXCELLENT condition; the fit is perfect and the fur is still super soft. The best part? It was only $89. That's less than what a dinky wool coat from Urban Outfitters would cost. AND IT'S SIXTY YEARS OLD. That's older than my dad, people. I may have the fur cuffs removed. I'm not sure. What do you think?

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1 comment:

  1. Keep the fur (i think) cos- who else would have that exact piece? A cherry red jacket isn't a hard find- the fur makes this super unique and really an amazing representative of the era. Si/no?