07 October 2009

Louis Vuitton Spring '10

Um, what is wrong with Marc Jacobs lately? I'm so confused. First, his not-so-great eponymous collection, and now this for Louis Vuitton. Apparently his inspiration was "travelers - the movement that came after punk" and "city utilitarianism." If by travelers, he means social anarchists, crust punks, and gutter punks, I'm even more confused. I know some of those kids, and they could care less about Louis Vuitton and fashion in general. Is this really the message he wants to send to the Louis Vuitton customer? They probably don't even know about travelers. I'm so confused. It's not like the collection was good, but not very Louis Vuitton-ish. It was bad, just bad.

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1 comment:

  1. the collection was fuck all! when i think of louis vuitton i think of parisian night chic. and above all, GLAMOUR. this collection grossed me out