27 March 2010


Does anyone even read this at all? I don't know. Maybe I should get a little more serious about taking pictures of my outfits every day. Sadly, I don't have a ridiculous designer collection (a la Jane Aldrige), nor am I 13. Oh well.

Top: Zara (was a dress, but it looked crazy, so I cut it into a top. I messed it up, but it turned out pretty cool anyways.
Skirt: French Connection
Shoes, clogs: Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. Great shoes and I like your hairstyle!
    sooo cute!


  2. Hey Girl! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I'm definitely going to keep reading so you better keep posting! xx

    ashleylara, your newest follower <3

    http://vivalafashoin.blogspot.com --come visit me!